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iPhone 8 enabled screen was first lit on video

A few months before the presentation of the new commemorative iPhone in the network appeared the first video demonstrating the new with the included screen. At least so say the authors YouTube channel, posted the network the corresponding video.

This year, Apple celebrates 10-year anniversary lineup of branded smartphones. Presented in the video smartphone generally consistent with earlier leaks.

The company abandoned the metal that she uses for 5 years: base stainless steel coated glass panels. It is not excluded that the glass in fact will be a special alloy of titanium, Nickel, zirconium, copper and other metals. Previously, Apple has patented this material under the brand name “liquid metal”.

iPhone 8 will receive edge-to-edge screen, new system-on-chip Apple and A11 support wireless charging long-range. In addition to the screen “edge to edge” the new Home button may be replaced by capacitive. A biometric sensor Touch ID will be embedded in the display panel.

Equipment processor, Apple A11 will improve the performance of your gadget, if the rumors about wireless charging confirmed, then iPhone 8 will have a serious advantage over competitors. This innovation is superior to other types of charging, but also has its disadvantages, the main of which is the loss of efficiency in power transmission, if the source is far away.

How today’s leak was close to reality, will know very soon. The presentation of the iPhone 8 will be held in September this year.

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