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iPhone 8 could become the world’s first mass smartphone equipped with a molecular scanner

The next Apple smartphone can get built-in molecular scanner. This publication reports MacRumors. According to sources, the company can work on implementing in their devices technologies for molecular identification, was developed by company Si-Ware. The sensor in a future iPhone will be able to determine the chemical composition of the material which is before him.

Announced by the company Si-Ware development called NeoSpectra Micro. This fully integrated chip for spectral analysis based on mobile devices. The cost to manufacturers of gadgets will be 100 dollars. That is, to equip them with any device will not work, as this will significantly increase the cost of the latter.

Why Si-Ware can be used in iPhone? First, the Apple company took as a basis for demonstrating their development. The manufacturer has designed case, equipped with a scanner NeoSpectra Micro, and thus demonstrated its ability to work with Apple devices.

Second, Apple has actively advocated a healthy lifestyle, and the iPhone’s built in molecular scanner will allow users to obtain new ways of improving their personal well-being, due to the possibility of choosing the best products, authentication products and so on.

NeoSpectra Micro dimensions are 18 x 18 x 4 mm, allowing you to integrate it not only in the iPhone, but even Apple Watch. The chip operates in the near infrared range.

To talk about the mass implementation of such solutions in consumer electronics in the near future is unlikely, but the development of the technology eventually will make it available to everyone. NeoSpectra Micro will be available in late 2017.

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