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iPhone 8 and 7 things that should be apologizing to Apple

Paul Gorodnitsky – the list of charges for the company, which has become too sensitive to the anger of users.

Recently, Apple finally rolled out iOS 11.3 – new version of the firmware, which made smartphones much quicker and smarter. However, all of IT-the publication has not commented on the reactive speed of the interface (especially for iPhone X) and the special battery menu it Apple has implemented in pure pressure.

The point is simple. As soon as it became clear that Apple artificially slows down iPhone with old battery, started the scandal.

People refused to understand that freezes save iPhone from spontaneous shutdowns: an angry public demanded from the company, she was given a choice – slow down or iPhone to prevent disable.

As soon as the horizon loomed the trial, Apple realized, apologized with the history of batteries and has promised to release the firmware with the coveted switch.

No sooner said than done: now the owners of iPhone 6 can enjoy the sudden departures of the device in a deep coma. A real victory for fans of Apple.

But really, Tim cook really has something to apologize for – sins have accumulated a lot. The full list is below.

1. iPhone 8

The smartphone, which is not a day seriously. He was released for one purpose only – to shut the gap between the iPhone 7 and iPhone X. Then came “ten” and “eight” all the expected forgotten. It is slightly cheaper and no one really does not compete – except with the same iPhone 7, which continues to enjoy tremendous demand.

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In General, obvious and embarrassing failure: the iPhone 8 only confused the Apple mobile lineup, without bringing any benefit.

2. 3.5 mm connector

Apple clearly explained: no connector because there is a resistance. But it was worth a repeat for our Chinese colleagues: friends, do not remove the mini-Jack just like that, do not repeat for us.

The fact is that in Asia massively plug the extra hole on the case, and do not understand why so doing. The same Mix Xiaomi Mi 2s is the flagship and without 3.5 mm connector, and without protection from water. In collapse to blame the trendsetter, that is Apple. So, we must ask for forgiveness.

3. Slow charging

Here at the shame. Even some smartphones for 10-15 thousand have fast charge (60-70 minutes), so even with the boost mode when the first 40-50% of the run in 20-25 minutes. Apple have done differently to achieve a decent speed, you either have to take the “cube” on the iPad (at least 100 minutes at the outlet) or to spend 5-7 thousand on a special adapter for real quick charging.

What the hell, Apple? And where is the boost-mode? There are no answers, let there be at least an apology.

4. Branded cables

Pain any owner of Apple technology. Whether Tim cook agreement with manufacturers of third-party cords, whether in Cupertino blatantly skimp on quality, whether the wires testers sleeping on the job – doesn’t matter. It is important that the cables are ground, burst, peel, and deteriorate, and all of this happens very quickly and in any conditions. Cable to spit, when to break: even at home, even a business trip, even in the office.

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The best option is to go to the store and pay 3-4 thousand for “eternal” cord. It is a pity that many owners of the iPhone comes to a brilliant solution only after you have spent about the same money on 2-3 standard lightning cable.

5. Terrible saving mode

Here Apple openly mocks because it’s time to introduce two options:

1. Saving mode, when it works relatively quickly;

2. Austerity when we need to appreciate every protsentik charging and to introduce a ban on the opening of resource-intensive applications.

Apple alternative scenario – mode buggy savings. X on the iPhone before updating to iOS 11.3 in this mode, lag even the default “Notes” – perhaps that says a lot. First of all, that Apple needs to repent.

6. Siri

For six and a half years, Apple pushes speech about how the wiser a great assistant Siri. In these fantasies a long time nobody believes already resigned, that the voice assistant – fool, what to look for. The obvious stupidity of Siri users and Apple employees, but no reason not to apologize.

What is there to apologize? Well, of course: the owners of the iPhone, which has announced that Siri is in order, wasting precious personal time trying to communicate with the idiotic robot. Other people’s time, as you know, we need to appreciate, so Tim cook should appeal to the fans and admit that Yes, guys, sorry, but we screwed up.

Perhaps he will do so when the new team will collect new Siri.

7. Apple Watch

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“Gadget for those who lose weight, running and can’t live without notifications” – so the correct procedure is to call the Apple Watch. This dubious accessory that:

– Anything not capable of without iPhone;

– Not able to correctly identify physical activity (need to manually poke);

– Does not even have a dozen decent apps;

– Has a hefty framework along the perimeter of the screen;

– Not too long holds a charge.

Of course, Apple will never apologize for Watch: Tim cook will be to promote his personal project to the last, but the genius of these smart watches has long been questioned.

8. Sly subscription

Even the St. Petersburg metro warns “my Friend, you have written off 300 rubles for an ad free Wi-Fi”. And Apple has this option by default, no – you can buy access conditional “Mediateque” for one month, to forget, and then nobody will warn, and at one point you will lose a few hundred rubles, which, perhaps, would have spent otherwise.

The difficulty to enter alerts on future transactions? That Apple is a greedy Corporation that raises the cache on the commissions. Where by law you can not talk about potential spending, iOS will not say anything.

It is time to do something, but for a start – trivial to say “Sorry”. It is a pity that cook has a different view of the situation.

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