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iPhone 8 all the critics. 5 reasons why it is good

Apple had a very inconsistent presentation: the most controversial point was the release of the iPhone 8 in parallel with the iPhone X.

First, Tim cook shuffled the whole naming of the smartphones – it is absolutely unclear what will now be released in 2018. second, the iPhone 8 design is no different from the iPhone 6 – the gadget presented three years ago.

On the background iPhone X “eight” at first it seems awkward if the Vice-flagship, or a terrible friend.

But it’s not that bad – even have this device turn.

Here are five short of evidence, after which you’ll understand why the release of iPhone 8 is not a failure.

1. Adequate minimum version

iPhone 6 started with 16 gigabytes of storage, it was possible to hammer in a couple of months.

iPhone 7 launched with 32 gigabytes – too very little, in order not to worry about memory.

The iPhone 8 Junior model is not so shameful: 64 GB fit and favorite albums, and all the important apps, and some series seasons. Yes, once in six months will have to clean the gallery, but no other cons.

2. Pleasant and durable design

The first argument is easily interrupted by another thesis: “yep, the iPhone 8 to 64 gig worth 57 thousand, and the iPhone 7 is 128 GB you can grab exactly poltos”.

It’s true, but the iPhone 8 corny premialnye and more solid than the usual piece of metal.

Remember the tactile sensation of the iPhone 4s – it was incredibly nice to hold in hands. There was only one minus: in the fall, the Quartet was split, cracked and became ugly.

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Apple promises that the iPhone 8 with glass this will not happen again – thanks to heavy-duty material. Of course, the services are already rubbing their hands, but there is a chance that nothing: you just need to wait for the first crash tests to ensure the invulnerability of the group.

3. New Golden color

Everything is short: before the gold iPhone was a purely Gypsy attributes. Most often they are purchased glamorous kitties who needed to achieve luxury status by any means.

New Golden case is much nobler, calmer and more modest.

Buy iPhone 8 in that color, absolutely not ashamed – it’s just a nice gadget and not puffy accessory.

4. Flagship inside

The iPhone 8 (especially 8 Plus) is much of what got the iPhone X. or Rather, almost everything.

In particular, a new processor, fast charging, wireless charging and one of the best (Apple considers it the best) cameras on the market.

Tim cook has tried to minimize the compromise, and he succeeded: in fact, the difference in price between “eight” and “ten” is due only to edge-to-edge screen is an expensive option.

5. A proven form factor

Journalists touched iPhone X on demo stands and seems to be satisfied with the new device.

To trust this statement is not: none of the reporters would not dare to criticize Apple, because everyone is afraid to miss the next presentation. The principle of “either good or nothing” in action.

In practice, we still have to answer three intriguing questions:

  • IPhone how X responds to accidental pressing?
  • Whether strongly interferes in the life of an upper-cut of the screen?
  • As far as functioning correctly advertised FaceID?
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    To wait for the full reviews for a long time – until November.

    And iPhone 8, meanwhile, with the ergonomics, everything is clear now: 4.7-inch model is optimal for one hand, and 5.5-inch for the two. These smartphones are really comfortable to use, despite the frame and the old design.

    They are practical, balanced and relatively inexpensive on the background of the iPhone X.

    So it is not necessary to bury the iPhone 8 – the ratio “price – quality – reliability” shadow flagman almost perfect.

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