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iPhone 8: 3 the main innovation of the anniversary of the flagship Apple

While Samsung boasted the record Galaxy S8 sales, Apple has a reason to be nervous. Although the financial indicators in the order from the point of view of the image of the first half of 2017 lost a competitor. In Cupertino missed the moment when it was necessary to reduce the frame around the screen: in the end, S8 is more like a smartphone than the iPhone 7.

Local but sensitive defeat has left Apple choice: cupertinos will be forced to abandon the usual format of the presentation, which the company adhered to the last 7 years. A two-year cycle (first iPhone, then iPhone’s with the same design) definitely is broken: if this year Apple will introduce the iPhone 7s with the same huge dimension, the value of the shares of the company will rush down straight during the premiere, and sales will break the record.

Now Apple is bound to surprise and show something that does not have competitors. Most likely, the flagship will be called either the iPhone 8 or iPhone X. the Last option is very likely due to the tenth anniversary of the debut of the iPhone.

However, there are things more important than names — for example, the design and specifications of the device. This year in Cupertino are responsible for leaks: before the presentation, four months, and the Network has, except that the rough drawings of the new smartphone and painted them renders. It is felt that Apple is committed to maximum secrecy, so that people first saw the finished flagship on the stage, not blurred photos from Chinese factory.

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We can only follow the words of the analysts are either close to the company, or communicate with the component manufacturers. MacDigger selected the three most advanced technologies in the new generation of Apple’s smartphone, which no other producers in the market.

1. The fingerprint scanner embedded in display

Despite the fact that the rumors about the much desired option to go for several years, Apple in may last year, has applied for registration of the patent.

The integration of Touch ID into the display, perhaps the most difficult task that faced Tim cook over the past six years. With the mission already failed, Samsung engineers, and the first working prototype of glass with a biometric module only showed on MWC 2017.

Judging from the published drawings, Apple, unlike Samsung, will not migrate the sensor mark on the back cover. So, the American Corporation will either leave the space under the screen and will set there classical Touch ID or iPhone will be equipped with a touch strip (like the Touch Bar in the new MacBook), or will introduce biometric module OLED panel. The advantages of the latter method are obvious – the iPhone will be able to recognize the fingerprint in any area of the screen. The latter scenario almost guarantee a deficiency of the iPhone 8 at the start of sales.

2. Truly wireless charging

Tim cook has plans to have your iPhone charged without the cable, but the head of Apple considers flawed decisions from other companies. The Manager doesn’t like that are called wireless charging, which fuel the smartphone, only if he is at a distance of several centimeters from the adapter.

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Apple is another standard, which is known only to two facts. First: in December 2016 one of the suppliers of Apple (Dialog Semiconductor) has invested $ 10 million in Energous is a company that develops wireless charging long-range. This company is known by the WattUp technology that uses radio frequency to transmit energy to a distance 4.5 meters.

The second fact is also intriguing: recently, in late April, Apple patented a mobile receiving energy from the Wi-Fi router.

3. Biometric facial recognition

8 iPhone needs to obtain advanced technology for biometric identification, which can recognize the user’s face. This was told by Ming Chi Kuo, who has repeatedly made correct predictions on future Apple news. The employee of KGI is considered one of the most respected Apple insiders.

The face detection function users will be one of the key features of the iPhone 8. The current model of the Apple smartphone is equipped with a conventional 32-mm lens on the front panel. The new generation of smartphones will be two of the front camera – in addition to the normal 32-mm (or 28 mm) you will see another wide-angle 24 mm.

The facial recognition system users are installed and the top-end Samsung smartphone, but it is two-dimensional. Protection S8 can be fooled by using conventional photography. The iPhone 8 will be used three-dimensional technology that is more advanced and reliable.

The company from Cupertino for a long time tends to the identity system in the face of a man. But the creation of such a system, however, fraught with difficulties, including the need to develop algorithms, hardware and creating a database for verification and authentication.

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