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iPhone 7 will receive a new noise reduction technology from Cirrus Logic

It’s no secret that the iPhone 6s should be the last smartphone Apple, which will use a 3.5 mm audio Jack for headphones. According to informed sources, on the body of the next iPhone, which will debut in autumn 2016, will be the only one the Lightning connector currently used for charging and syncing mobile devices. And in order to make the digital path of higher quality, Apple will use a special noise reduction system. The day before this information is indirectly confirmed by the manufacturer of audiocpu Cirrus Logic during the announcement of quarterly reporting.

Last month, network sources wrote that the iPhone 7 will be applied the noise reduction system of the British Cirrus Logic, which will help to get rid of extra noise during calls and music playback. Moreover, this technology will be reportedly integrated in the phone itself and the headphones for the iPhone 7. Reporting on the conference, Cirrus Logic announced that they had reached agreements with “some important partners”, so shareholders can expect an increase in profits in the medium term.

9to5Mac indicates that the noise reduction technology will be implemented not only in the iPhone 7, but in the one supplied with your smartphone headphones EarPods Lightning-to-use interface. In this case it is also possible that audiocopy Cirrus Logic will also be used in a new wireless headset Apple. According to sources, along with the flagship Apple will introduce a completely new Bluetooth headphones that will be offered as a premium alternative to EarPods. They will be truly wireless and deprived of even the cable that connects the left and right earphones.

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In the process of its development Bluetooth headphones Apple to get the noise reduction system, allowing users to answer phone calls and interact with voice assistant Siri.

Some analysts questioned the stock standard iPhone headphones EarPods with Lightning interface. They say the policy of Apple to sell some other useful accessories for a fee are well known. However, the company will have to include in the package audiogenic, even by increasing the cost of the device.

According to preliminary information, the iPhone 7 will debut in the fall of 2016. In the Apple until I finally decided on the design of the new flagship and chooses between the three prototypes, including brand new ultra-slim.

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