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iPhone 7 will feature a display from “edge to edge”

When do you think mobile devices will turn into one big screen, and everything else in them is reduced to having no value dimensions? Hardly will decrease the batteries, cameras, speakers, hardly anyone will. But to cut the frame at least from two sides now.

In order to Digitimes received information about the new smartphone Apple, which may be the flagship of 2016. About the design of “iPhone 7” is not known, but the publication indicates one significant difference from previous models is the display of new items, there will be no visible frame on the sides of the screen.

According to a source, the new generation of smartphones Apple will return to the previous display panel technology. If previous versions of the iPhone were applied to the touch surface based on film sensor (GF2), then the time will be used has already been exploited in the past, the sensor-based glass (G/G). The latter mainly be responsible for reducing the size of the display part. Technology G/G provides for the establishment of a smartphone with a screen which spans the entire front panel.

In the past we have seen frameless smartphones ZTE, Sharp and Sony, but they are not yet widespread. Maybe “Apple” product will set a new trend in the smartphone market. Due to the actual absence of part of the iPhone 7 will seem immense.

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