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iPhone 7 will be equipped with 10-nm processor Apple A10

Future iPhones, the presentation of which will take place in 2016, will be based on the A10 processors, manufactured in accordance with the 10-nm process technology. Such information includes resource GforGames.

The network leaked roadmap TSMC, from which it follows that in June this year, the company starts trial production of chips for 10-nm process technology at its plants in Hsinchu. It is alleged that the firm intends to conclude a multimillion-dollar contract with Apple for the production of processors for the iPhone 7. Also in the leak says that TSMC is preparing for the production of chips made on a 7-nm process technology. While the manufacturer managed to master most of the basic methods of the production process.

Yesterday at an event in San Francisco, CA Vice President of Samsung Hong Hao, said that large-scale production of semiconductors using 10-nm process technology and FinFET transistors will begin before the end of 2016. About the level or scale of the company, he held back. And not surprising. The main customer for 10-nm solution, according to rumors, Apple will.

Currently, the iPhone maker buys about 40 000 plates with processors for smartphones and tablets. The volume of orders Apple will determine how quickly and to what extent will begin production of 10-nm semiconductors TSMC and Samsung.

Despite the criticism of Apple, without the success of the iPhone and iPad much today would be impossible. Including jump Samsung using 20-nm process technology to 14nm and accelerate the development of the 10-nm process technology. Company TSMC lost the tempo in the transition to 16-nm process technology, and Samsung, apparently, the speed of development and implementation (potentially) if not surpassed Intel, we at least caught up.

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14-nm solutions with FinFET transistors are now producing four plants Samsung: two in South Korea and two in the USA. Interestingly, one of the American plants, the company has chosen the Fab factory 8 company GlobalFoundries, although the second enterprise is its own factory in Austin. Thus Samsung again confirms the commonality of processes with GlobalFoundries until you can produce the same solution.

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