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iPhone 7 was more popular than iPhone X and even 4 facts about the global sales of smartphones

Paul Gorodnitsky – with interesting statistics and its interpretation.

The company Strategy Analytics has published statistics on sales of smartphones in the first quarter of 2018.

This period includes January, February and March, and “sales” really mean “shipments”: are those devices which acquired the stores, but not specific people. Accordingly, in theory, may be less than in the table, but, as practice shows, the differences are insignificant.

So here’s a rating for the first quarter of 2018.

And here is the same chart the first quarter of 2017.

What do we see?

No opposition to cook

Apple is not close competitors in the flagship segment. Relatively decent on the background of the iPhone in the last two years looks only Galaxy S9+, which is in 16 days (start of sales – March 16, 2018) gained almost 5.5 million shipments due to the demand in Asia.

All the other Android-competitors – either middle (Oppo in 2017), or even gadgets for $ 100 (Xiaomi in 2018).

Local failure iPhone X

iPhone 7 sold much better than the iPhone X. it would Seem that nothing strange: the price of “ten” through the roof still, and “seven” from the very beginning was worth adequately. But, first, the iPhone 7 was still an outdated design, and secondly, Apple insolently removed the headphone Jack.

Therefore, the triumph of the iPhone 7 – this phenomenon, which is partly due to the greatness of Tim cook: the man of genius knows how to sell people the same, making only minor improvements.

Second-class flagships

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iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus – more of a failure than not. In total, they have collected 20.8 million of shipments – less than one iPhone 7 in 2017 (21,5).

Everything is obvious: design the iPhone 6 still tired, and still buyers waiting for the iPhone X and did not pay attention to “eight”. If not for the release of “tens”, the other 8 would be much better – what’s more, this smartphone with huge probability not lost by anyone, including the Galaxy S9+.

The main peculiarity of the rating

The table is no iPhone SE smartphone which in Russia, for example, buy more often than other models.

From the pros of this device (price, autonomy, power) go straight to the question, “Where is SE?”

Two versions: either all deliveries happened in other neighborhoods, and now sellers can safely drive a four-inch smartphones in anticipation of the SE 2 or the model not work in all markets and deservedly not included in the top Strategy Analytics.

Anyway, SE is still OK – at us in Russia it is still well-taken.

Xiaomi is unlikely to fall in the chart with the flagship

To get your name in the list of best-selling devices, the Chinese created the smartphone specifically for India (there are now very actively developing the market), have given the gadget maximum dead specifications (Snapdragon 425 is already a sentence), put a price of around $ 100, regularly run sales ($85-90), but still hang out far from the first place.

This fact shows very clearly what popular Xiaomi devices actually. Simply put, the cheapest. So to idealize the Chinese are just not worth it – it is far more even up to at least a little bite of Apple.

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P. S. the moral of the text: the iPhone 7 is still a Royal smartphone. Metal, reliable and fast. The “gray” sellers 128-Gigabyte version costs 41-43 thousands of the adequacy of the price for such a universal device.

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