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iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 and Pixel XL: who is faster to charge in the microwave?

The creators of the popular YouTube channel GizmoSlip organized a funny test three flagship smartphones: the iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Pixel XL. Instead of testing for performance or battery life they decided to compare the device at a speed of charging in a microwave oven.

It is quite clear what fate awaited mobile devices. Bloggers put all three smartphones in the microwave and turned on for one second. The device continued to work. Then they left for two seconds, and the iPhone 7 spontaneously rebooted.

Further testing of the first could not stand Galaxy S8 – in the fifth second he blacked out. The aircraft then pulled out of the microwave and continued the experiment.

Smartphones Apple and Google again put in the microwave, and on the third second they both passed out. However, after you restart the iPhone 7 joined and continued the work, but Pixel XL couldn’t work.

Enthusiasts came to the conclusion that charge your smartphone using the microwave will not work. But the hardy with this method of “charging” is the flagship of Apple. That video was more entertaining, the Korean smartphone fried to a crisp.

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