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iPhone 7 survived after the fall “from space” [video]

Urban Armor Gear already showed us extreme protection for iPhone. The company specializiruetsya production sirsasana cases that can withstand the most extreme conditions, allowing you to keep smartphones safe and sound.

In the Network appeared interesting video, which Urban Armor Gear conducts a non-standard experiment on sending the iPhone 7 on meteorological probe into the upper layers of the stratosphere.

As part of testing the strength of the Monarch case, the company decided to send him into space. The accessory was supposed to attach to the weather balloon, which was to rise to a height of 30 km, and then burst from internal pressure.

Because iPhone 7 is the most popular smartphone, you can reset from space, it was decided the Apple smartphone. The developers have built a helium balloon, and sent to the destination. iPhone 7 was placed in a protective container and sent into the air.

After two and a half hours, the iPhone reached a height of almost 36 km, after which the balloon burst and the gadget went in the opposite direction. He soon landed with a unique video of his journey. Almost 30 km of free fall. In accordance with the aviation rules of the United States the height of 100 km is considered the lower boundary of space.

If the iPhone survived a fall? Since this is a video still appeared on YouTube, it means that the case has successfully passed the test of strength. iPhone, successfully survived the flight, was found with the help of the GPS tracker in several tens kilometers from the launch site.

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