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IPhone 7 red with black frame looks luxurious [video]

The most common complaint on the new iPhone 7 red – the color of the front panel. Brushed aluminum body in a bright red design looks great, but it spoils the white frame around the screen. To solve this problem you need two iPhone. Yes, not cheap, but it’s worth it, I’m sure the new Danny Winget.

iPhone special edition (Product)RED is now available for order online and in stores around the world since last Friday. The device is made in the framework of partnerships with the charitable organisation RED, which helps fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (Product)RED have joined the product red version, which is available to customers all year round: these include the entire line of iPod products, the Beats Pill wireless speaker+ headphones Beats Solo Wireless 3, case battery Smart Battery Case and various accessories for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

For the experiment, Danny Winget decided to change the display on the iPhone 7 Plus (Product)RED from black iPhone 7 Plus. According to him, this requires some skill and skills desirable to have experience disassembling smartphones.

Since the fingerprint scanner is tied to the motherboard, he had to completely disassemble both phones. If you just move the frame along with a fingerprint scanner, it just won’t work, and iOS fail Touch ID. The only way out is to leave the white button, but it is “not kosher and spoils the whole idea.”

The blogger warned all who dare in such a procedure that the iPhone is fully deprived of the guarantees and may lose its waterproof properties. If it does not bother you, detailed instructions on replacing the front frame on a red iPhone can be found on this page.

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