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iPhone 7: realities and prospects

Since the presentation of the new devices Apple’s latest iPhone models – after more than six months. What will please the company from Cupertino this year, we will try to understand in this article.

iPhone 6s or 7

At the moment the company has not made any statements about its new flagships. Therefore among the followers of the trademark sharpened controversy: exactly how will be called the new product and present it in the early fall? Knowing the company’s approach, it is expected that both of the names mentioned in the title, have a chance at life. If the new product will be a modified version of the previous generation of the smartphone – it is possible that she will wear the name iPhone 6s. If the company decided to create a fundamentally new product – high probability of changing rooms 7.

In light of the fact that some users were outraged enough high-resolution display iPhone 6 (against competitors with Full HD), as well as a processor with two cores (while others use 4 or even 8 cores) – the second option should not be excluded. Probably Apple has significantly redesigned hardware platform.


Appearance is one of the main signature features of iPhone. Therefore, expect significant changes to the grounds. Most likely, it will be all the same straight lines and rounded corners, metal parts and branded round button under the screen. In light of the trends of recent years quite naturally will be the company’s decision to reduce the size of the frames around the display. Perhaps the manufacturer will generally get rid of them on the sides of the screen.


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Some users were enthusiastic about the resolution of a younger model last year, the iPhone 6. The competition, offering Full-HD-matrix, the display 1334×750 pixels seemed to them clear enough. Therefore, it is legitimate would be to use the new model display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (iPhone 6 Plus). The diagonal is unlikely to undergo changes and, most likely, will remain the same. As a protective coating can be used the sapphire glass which is more durable than the popular Gorill aGlass and has already proved itself on the Apple Watch.

Hardware platform

Apple is not among those who constantly strives to keep the lead in the “race for cores and gigahertz”. The company prefer to carefully consider optimizing the system to use the full potential of the device without sacrificing battery life. Therefore, to expect the emergence in the iPhone 7 OCTA-core chip grounds. But to install a new processor, equipped with four cores, the company may well. RAM significant changes will not tolerate: thanks all the same optimization in gigabytes capacity by leaps and bounds there is no need. Perhaps we’ll see aboard the new iPhone 2 GB high speed RAM.

The maximum amount of memory in the iPhone 6 Plus today is 128 GB. On the background of the fact that the market will soon appear SD memory, 200 GB, it can be expected that the new flagship will have a drive of this size. Although, in the spirit of Apple not to implement immediately to achieve progress, and wait for her “break.” Therefore, it is possible that modification of the iPhone 7 will come with 32, 64 and 128 GB of memory.

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Matrix the camera will slightly increase in size, due to the growth in the number of megapixels to 12. The thickness of the smartphone it should not be affected, thanks to the introduction of new constructive solutions.

Other innovations

In addition to the major innovations Apple is known for the ability to implement small “chips” that facilitates the use of devices. Perhaps the company will improve the interaction with the brand services. It is also possible that the usual mechanical button under the display will be a fully sensory, and indicate its presence will only be the usual circle on the touch panel. Fancy some experts draw the appearance of a built-in Pico projector that allows you to display an image on any surface.

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