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iPhone 7 Plus will become the first smartphone with the ability to shoot like SLR cameras

On Wednesday, Apple introduced a smartphone with dual camera the iPhone 7 Plus, which will main tain the depth of field effect when taking photos. Previously, this feature was only available on professional SLR cameras. The smartphone will be able to create a bokeh effect after the update, which will be released in the near future.

The effect of depth of field or bokeh is an artistic blurring of the background in your photo. This effect is often used to enhance the focus on the main subject, making it ideal for portraits and close-up shots. Previously produced various models of smartphones that have tried to imitate this effect using various tricks, often the second camera to determine the depth sharply displayed space. However, to achieve “bokeh”, the device must be equipped with a high quality camera with a wide angle lens.

iPhone 7 Plus will become the first smartphone which is able to create a “bokeh” effect. Sophisticated technology with a system of machine learning is to separate the background from the foreground. This will allow you to take amazing portraits that were previously available only to users DSLRs. At this point a few photos submitted by Apple during the presentation.

It is noteworthy that the depth of field effect to be done with software, and not some clever lens design. As told in the Apple, two cameras and a DSP creates a depth map image, and then a blur effect is applied to the background. Apple submitted the samples look promising.

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