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iPhone 7 Plus lost Samsung Galaxy S8+ in tests for endurance in real conditions [video]

Videobloger XEETECHCARE conducted a comparative test of Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7, the purpose of which was to estimate battery life of devices. The trial was attended by “older” versions of the flagship models of the Galaxy S8+ and an iPhone 7 Plus. Capacity built-in battery first is 3500 mAh, the second is 2900 mAh. While the Galaxy S8+ display with a diagonal of 6.2 inches, the iPhone 7 Plus is 5.5 inches. On the resolution I can not say: the author did not specify the settings of an Android smartphone, and by default the screen runs in Full HD, as in “Apple” gadget.

The comparison took place in several stages. Every smartphone launched on 1 hour same task and compared the rate of discharge of the battery. For devices opened Instagram, periodically updating the tape, and an hour later to see the results. The battery indicator iPhone 7 Plus showed 90%, Galaxy S8+ – 88%.

In the second phase both devices launched hour movie on YouTube. And here Samsung was ahead at the time as an Apple gadget is discharged to 49% (-41%), the South Korean phone is dead to 71% (-17%).

Then there was the “test game”. On smartphones opened a racing simulator Asphalt 8 and ran automatic game mode. After an hour, looked again at the battery indicator. iPhone 7 Plus drained by 30% and showed only 19%, whereas the Galaxy S8+ showed the battery at 56% (-15%).

The final test – shooting video in 4K. iPhone is completely dead 30 minutes after the start of recording, having worked a total of 4 hours and 30 minutes. At the same time, the Samsung was loaded with 39%.

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View detailed tests of autonomy Galaxy S8+ and an iPhone 7 Plus in the video below:

Note that the test Phone Arena, the iPhone 7 Plus ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ at time of Autonomous work. In particular, during the experiments it was found that Galaxy S8+ worked for 8 hours without recharging, while the iPhone 7 is turned off after 7 hours and 46 minutes and the iPhone 7 Plus lasted 9 hours and 5 minutes. The testing was performed under standard conditions with set screen brightness to 200 nits.

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