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iPhone 7 Plus in the style of vintage Macintosh will cost buyers $1900

The design of the iPhone with all-metal body and the plastic antenna inserts has become in recent years a kind of classic. With an eye on like this form factor as most of the Android manufacturers create their phones.

For anyone who is not willing to put up with the classic design of its Communicator company ColorWare has introduced a retro version of the iPhone 7 Plus. The creators of the aim to free users from the uniformity of colors of the Apple smart phones to “help to emphasize their individuality, while remaining the owner of “Apple” devices”

The company has created a special version of the iPhone 7 Plus, which differs from the original not only in color but also in appearance. The device is made in the style of 80-ies of the last century and costs $1900.

The basis was taken black iPhone 7 Plus with 256 GB of internal memory. Presented to the smartphone is decorated in the style of the old Macintosh: a modified smartphone is made in body beige color with false bars cooling and rainbow Apple sign.

The device, which calls ColorWare “iPhone 7+ Retro”, will be released in limited edition. The device will be available for order in 2-3 weeks.

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