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iPhone 7 Plus fell, Russia 10 000 rubles

Apple products becoming more accessible in Russia: first, the iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, then, then the Apple Watch, and now the turn has come to the iPhone 7 Plus. Sales of the new flagship started in Russia in September. The retail market analysis shows that after three months the new flagship Apple smartphone available at a price of 10 000 rubles below the recommended by the manufacturer.

The official cost of iPhone 7 Plus with 32 GB of memory in the Apple online store is 67 990 rubles, respectively. However, the retailers offer the phone much cheaper. In the base version of the iPhone 7 Plus please 57 960 rubles. Thus, the difference in cost in the first case is about 10 000.

The cost of iPhone 7 in Russia has declined rather quickly. While most retailers keep the price in the region of 60 thousand and 65 thousand rubles for the version the iPhone 7 Plus with 32 GB of memory. According to experts, for the first day in Russia has sold about 10,000 of the flagship Apple’s smartphone. However, the number of pre-orders reached 20 000, and managed to implement not all — mostly due to the fact that a significant portion of buyers wanted the iPhone 7 come in black and “black onyx”, and they were in short supply.

The Apple smartphone release of 2015, the iPhone 6s also originally cost in Russia 56 990 rubles for the basic modification. During the year the price of the device decreased by 36%.

Earlier it was reported that Apple may reduce the cost of the equipment in Russia on the background of strengthening of the ruble. If to compare with European prices, the price and the iPhone and the Mac in our country established at the rate of 74 rubles per 1 Euro. That is the difference with the current exchange rate is about 14%. If the ruble will remain at the same level or will continue to strengthen, Russian consumers can expect a 10 percent reduction in the cost of Apple technology after the New year.

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