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iPhone 7 Plus exploded at the American under mysterious circumstances

Users in social networks reported a new case of the explosion of the iPhone, this time we are talking about the iPhone 7 Plus, which lights up the user under mysterious circumstances. Pictures of the burnt phone the owner of the gadget was posted in social networks.

The iPhone 7 Plus buyer claims not to have used the device and never even took it out of the packaging, and the explosion occurred during delivery. The user stresses that even do not have time to use a smartphone. On the published pictures show that the iPhone 7 Plus severely deformed, but the packaging is damaged.

The news quickly spread on social networks. After some time with the recipient of the parcel was contacted by Apple and asked to describe in detail what happened, to understand what and under what circumstances it happened with the smartphone. How was it ignited, still remains a mystery.

It is worth noting that the iPhone is transported off by itself to explode the gadget could not. There is external influence, but what it was and who is to blame has yet to find out.

In any case we are not talking about a global problem faced by Samsung. For dozens of bombings gadgets in early September, the company stopped sales of its Galaxy Note 7. The message about the recall high-end smartphones, the company’s shares fell for two days it lost $22 billion to Those who already purchased the phone, it is recommended to exchange it for a new one.

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