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iPhone 7 Plus compared quality of shooting with a professional 6K camera RED Weapon for 3 million rubles [video]

The iPhone 7 Plus dual 12-megapixel camera, which can shoot video in 4K resolution. The unit creates clear and detailed pictures as well as videos with a resolution nearly four times more than 1080p HD video. Project creators Parker Walbeck decided to compare the capabilities of 4K-shooting iPhone 7 Plus and professional 6K camera RED Weapon worth $50 000 (about 3 million).

Test machine is designed for filming and is a modular camera with a resolution of 6K, combining the 19-megapixel RED Dragon sensor with a range of advanced technologies for work with color and dynamic range, as well as control and monitoring, including a wireless interface for management with the help of gadgets on iOS and Android. 6K-sensor (6144×3072 pixels) RED Weapon allows you to achieve the highest level of detail and dynamic range. The camera can record video at speeds up to 100 frames per second.

iPhone 7 Plus it surely made in comparison with a professional camera RED Weapon. The author of the experiment, according to him, was surprised by the capabilities of a smartphone. Thanks to intelligent algorithms and high-resolution 4K video shot on the iPhone, it turns out high quality and detailed. Although the level of detail of the iPhone is lagging behind the cameras, in the right hands, it allows us to achieve superior results, stated in Parker Walbeck. To obtain this level of shooting on the iPhone helped a stabilizer MoviM5, the application Filmic Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro with the Lumetri Color filter.

To compare the quality of shooting iPhone 7 Plus and 6K camera RED Weapon at the video:

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