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iPhone 7 Plus Aurum Edition: thrilled even fans of Android

Aurum Edition, specializing in the production of exclusive gadgets Apple announced a new lineup of smartphones and “smart” hours. Experts managed to surprise the impressive design of the iPhone 7 Plus Edition and Aurum Aurum Apple Watch Edition.

“This time we decided to do something unusual. Long pondered over, what can be done that is not at all. And created a new line of gadgets, hand-engraved,” – says the Creator of the company Dmitry.

This is a very painstaking, time-consuming work that requires high professionalism. Precision performance observed in every little detail, because just one wrong move while performing the engraving and the product will be ruined.

The process of creating iPhone Aurum Edition took about 120 hours – and this is the only time the engraving. If there is a work on the customization of the phone, in its case, in the prepared location, inlaid with diamonds (8 PCs). This is followed by a stage of coating with precious metal.

The complexity of this problem is that the aluminium of the iPhone defies simple plated. To cover the smartphone precious metal uses a special technology: four additional layers of different metals. “Preparatory” process takes about 90% of the time coating.

After coating gold begins next phase: the installation of genuine leather valuable species. Special, recognizable detail of the Aurum Edition logo in the form of a dragon. Mythical beast writhing in a figure 8. The character is made of 8 stones (2 depict the blazing ruby eyes of the dragon, 6 diamonds adorn his lithe body and prehensile feet).

The iPhone 7 Plus Aurum Edition with 256 GB of memory starts at $2400. The model with the logo in the form of a dragon and diamonds will cost $4400. The cost of the Apple Watch Aurum Edition starts at $1400. Each device comes in a gift box made of wood, and a gift is a leather case.

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