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iPhone 7 Plus against four Android-flagships: video recording of the concert

Many users choose a smartphone, building on its capacity of the still photos and video. Happy to know that the purchased gadget not only pulls the most demanding games for a long time and works in offline mode, but also capable of high quality video. In the publication Mobiltelefon conducted an interesting experiment comparing five flagship smartphones – the iPhone 7 Plus, Pro 6 Plus, Meizu, ZTE Axon 7, OnePlus 3T, 3 ASUS Zenfone Zoom for quality video recording for live performances.

Each of the test phones have optical image stabilization. Once this technology has been equipped with some smartphones, but now the machines without OIS perceived as something strange. Video on smartphones was shot in 4K with maximum quality settings (Axon 7 codec H. 265).

Test video shot at the performance Garage Dayz with the Tomsk Academic Symphony orchestra. In General, the sequence differences between smartphones are pretty small, concluded the authors of the test. iPhone 7 Plus pleased function double optical zoom, with 10x digital zoom and distance while shooting is carried out smoothly and cinematic.

The flagship Zenfone Zoom 3 inferior rivals in HD, and video OnePlus 3T and Axon 7 seem more saturated and less noisy. The Zenfone smartphone Zoom 3 despite the presence of a second camera with a 2.3-fold approach to capture a photo while recording video, zoom does not work.

As for the audio track, then allocate the place was easier. A definite outsider in the ranking was Meizu Pro 6 Plus, which records audio in mono format with a bitrate of 96 kbps and a frequency of 16 kHz. iPhone 7 Plus boasts a rather smooth sound with a pronounced low frequency component.

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