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iPhone 7 or teeth: the dentist said that choose the Russians

Russian dentists published a collection of anonymous dental x-rays of the iPhone 7. All these people have prestigious positions that require a proper appearance. iPhone or your teeth? Many patients make a choice in favor of “Apple” smartphone.

Dentist from Novosibirsk told the publication about their Life, interesting observations on the work. According to him, the vast majority of his patients are middle class with incomes above the average. However, despite its viability, people often spend money and buy the latest iPhone, but absolutely do not pay attention to problems with their teeth.

The doctor published an anonymous x-ray images of the owners of 128 GB iPhone 7, which cost in Russia begins from 53 000 rubles (according to information from Apple’s website).

This patient’s name is Anton, he is 29 years old. According to the dentist, his breath smells unbearable, but that does not stop Anton to work as a translator in the Embassy.

The teeth 34-year-old Cyril, who holds the position of Director of the branch of a large trading firm, is also not in the best condition. When the man found out the price of the planned works, he literally freaked out and quickly left the doctor’s office, passing obmateril a girl administrator.

26-year-old Darin — the head of Department in the banking sector. She came to the clinic to get rid of unpleasant mouth odor as well as make professional dental cleaning. When Darin found out that she has a serious treatment, she swore at the dentist and called him a grifter, left a complaint on the “website for the Tattler”. As it turned out, the girl has more trust in the physicians free clinic, where she was told that the teeth are all in order.

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“Such a W*NN in the mouth of such a young girl I have not seen” — that’s what the dentist described the condition of the oral cavity, a 24-year-old Julia. A large number of teeth had to be removed, and then the doctor offered to do work on the implant. She agreed, however, the day before the surgery, Julia canceled it because I bought iPhone on credit. On teeth money left. A year has passed and the patient did not come for scheduled treatment.

For comparison, the published dentist x-ray teeth local 26-year-old presenter. According to the doctor from previous patients girl features not only an excellent condition of the oral cavity, but also the mobile phone: the patient with healthy teeth prefer a Nokia device.

“I honestly do not understand people who give priorities to show-off, often forgetting about their own health. It is not only in dentistry — it’s in relation to their health as a whole”, — concluded the dentist.

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