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iPhone 7: no audio connection and a progressive package of Apple A10 chip will allow you to create the thinnest smartphone

Last year’s flagship iPhone 6s and iPhone 6ы Plus a little added thickness of the new display technology 3D Touch. The thickness of the iPhone 6s was 7.1 mm instead of 6.9 mm, as in the previous model, and the iPhone 6s Plus is 7.3 mm instead of 7.1 mm. the new generation of smartphones Apple will showcase a record-breaking slim size.

According to available information, the iPhone 7 will receive the body thickness of only 6-6. 5 mm. In Cupertino hope to achieve this by not over 3.5 mm of audio Jack and a new progressive packaging of Apple A10 processor, which will also free up space for a more capacious battery.

Sources indicate that the new A10 SoC will be manufactured using process technology 16FFLL+ in the package Fan-Out Wafer Level Package (FO-WLP). The first one focuses on the efficiency of the chips without losing performance and without increasing consumption. A more advanced process technology will allow to reduce the area of SRAM memory (the cell size) and leave more space on the chip for architectural solutions. The number of cores in the CPU part of the A10 will increase to six.

To make a smaller iPhone 7 will also allow for an innovative “fan” method of Assembly of a chip set. The benefit of using package type FO-WLP is that the height of the chip can be reduced by 20 %. The speed of input/output contacts can be increased by 20 % and 10 % reduction in the amount of heat output from the processor. There has been talk about using the thinner AMOLED smartphone panels.

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It should be noted that reducing the thickness of the iPhone 7 should not affect battery life. Last month, the network got the image of battery for the smartphone with capacity of 6.5% more than the current models. Given this percentage, the iPhone 7 needs to get the battery in 1826 1715 mAh is mAh.

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