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iPhone 7 is the most popular Apple smartphone. It sold better than the previous iPhone

Apple reported for the third quarter of 2017 financial year. In addition to data on sales and profits, Tim cook has shared some facts about the current Apple products.

  • Sold 41 million iPhone 7/7 Plus for the third fiscal quarter of 2017. The income from them is $28.4 billion;
  • Tim cook has high hopes for ARKit;
  • Average iPhone selling price is $ 606;
  • iPhone 7 sold better than any other model of iPhone, this is the most popular Apple smartphone;
  • iPhone 7 Plus is outselling iPhone 6 Plus;
  • iCloud and Apple Music uses 185 million people;
  • Users of Apple Music has increased by 20 million over the last 90 days;
  • Almost 90% of NFC payments are made through Apple Pay;
  • IPad sales grew 15% worldwide (and 32% more sold in the United States than a year earlier). This is the first increase in iPad sales in 2014;
  • 1.2 million students using the iPad and the Swift Playground;
  • The level of satisfaction with the new Mac — 95%;
  • AirPods are satisfied with 98% of buyers;
  • IPhone 7 happy with the smartphone 95%, and the iPhone 7 Plus 99%
  • Users almost twice as much to buy in the App Store than in Google Play Market.
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