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iPhone 7 instead of the headphone Jack will get a second speaker

Apple won’t stop at nothing to make the next iPhone thinner than the previous. They say that another victim of the struggle for the elegance of design will become a standard audio Jack for headphones then the vast majority of models produced now will be incompatible with Apple’s smartphone. Analysts at Barclays Research believe that partly to compensate for the inconvenience users will have the second speaker that will take the place of a 3.5 mm Jack.

Will provide additional speaker needs amplifier production Cirrus Logic. On iPhone 6s headphone Jack is located on the opposite side from the dynamics only, so that the future iPhone will boast a more powerful and quality sound with support for stereo sound.

A number of models for any system have a built-in stereo speakers. Sometimes they are located on one side of the body, sometimes on different edges of the device, which is designed to improve sound quality when working in landscape mode.

As for the sound output to headphones, in iPhone 7 Apple will offer a use a Lightning connector. Currently on the market there are several models of headphones that support this functionality – for example, the Philips Fidelio M2L. However, they are expensive, cost in Moscow from 18 000 rubles and above.

If Apple really going to refuse the universal headphone Jack, the iPhone 7 will have to settle for the sound of regular headphones with Lightning or spend money on a Bluetooth headset or a model with Lightning-connector. According to available information, Apple will not include in the package with the new model adapter with a Lightning to 3.5 mm.

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About Apple’s plans to deprive “seven” support headphones with a standard connector last year written by a Japanese blog Mac Otakara, citing its own sources. This will allow to reduce the thickness of the smartphone more than 1 mm, as well as free up more space inside the enclosure – 3.5 mm Jack not only “fat” for today’s devices, but also “deep”.

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