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iPhone 7 in the event of a failure of the Home button displays a warning and automatically turns on Assistive Touch [photos]

In the new smartphone iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple gave the standard mechanical Home button in favor of full-touch counterpart. For tactile perception has become a mechanism Taptic Engine that accompanies the pressing of the elastic click. How do I find the iPhone 7, the smartphone provides a special mode of operation in case of failure of the main governing body.

The user under the name iwayne MacRumors posted a screenshot from system alert on the screen of the iPhone 7. “The Home button need service. Currently you can use the onscreen Home key below,” the message reads.

According to iwayne, the window appeared after his mobile suddenly went dead while charging, and then had problems with the feedback mechanism. iPhone warned about the failure and suggested the use of a virtual button, executing the function of Assistive Touch.

Attempts to restore the Home were not successful. After a reboot the iPhone 7 key, in his words, “went crazy”. Each press mechanism worked 3-4 times. Another reboot resulted in the fact that the button again stopped working. iwayne hopes to convert the gadget’s warranty.

As according to informed sources, the next year we expect a radical change in the design of the iPhone Apple intends to completely abandon the use of the Home button, embedding it in the phone’s display. Quite possibly, this notification is a kind of rehearsal before the rejection of the famous management body which was present in all iPhone models released since 2007.

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