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iPhone 7 in the color Jet Black in addition to scratches exposed another problem

Immediately after the announcement of the iPhone 7, one of the most popular colors among fans of Apple technology was glossy black, which received the official name “black onyx”.

First, the main claim to “seven” in the color Jet Black touched the scratches that are clearly visible in the phone and spoil its stylish look. But if this problem is solved by a protective film and pouches, another drawback of the glossy black iPhone can lead to more serious problems.

Apple claims that to get the glossy effect you have to use the nine stages of anodizing and polishing, however, Apple acknowledged that the body of the smartphone is easily scratched. Some users of the iPhone 7 in the color “black onyx” was faced with another feature of the case that is depicted in the photo to the article.

About the problem of your iPhone 7 Plus told a Reddit user under the nickname “tekson_”. As seen in the photo, the inscription “iPhone” on the rear panel is almost completely erased.

The fact that Apple uses a different method of applying the logo and labels for the iPhone and the certification data of the device on the glossy black body than for smartphones of other colors. In the end, these inscriptions are easily erased, may fade and disappear completely even when removing the protective film.

The words “iPhone” and the FCC marking is almost fully worn off

It is only on the glossy iPhone 7, this feature is not for the colors Black, Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. On the body of the smartphone remain faint traces of inscriptions. Without certification iPhone data can not be repair under warranty in the service centers of Apple.

As already mentioned, the erased letter is not the only problem the iPhone 7 in the color Jet Black. Although Apple States that the strength of the corps is not inferior to other anodized products of the brand, as it is scratched. Another problem with “black onyx” – fingerprints. Body instantly covered them in the same way as any other glossy surface.

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