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iPhone 7 exploded in the hands of the British, damaging shrapnel toes [photo]

The iPhone 7 exploded at the home of UK resident at the moment when he decided to answer the call. The explosion of the device broke into several pieces, issuing a loud Bang and damaging the fingers of the owner.

According to the owner of the smartphone , a 42-year-old Lee Hayes, the smartphone he bought just three days ago. Shortly before the incident, he fully loaded the unit.

“I was sitting in the kitchen and heard a phone call. As soon as I touched the screen to answer the phone unexpected exploded. At this point, there was a strong cotton, and then heard a hissing sound,” – says the Briton. From the explosion of the smartphone screen is split into several parts, damaging fingers Hayes. According to the British, it is a few days after the incident, removed the glass shards from his hands.

“The wound was very unpleasant – much bleeding hand. But it could be worse, I could lose that hand,” he says.

Taking iPhone, Hayes went to the salon for the local operator O2, where he purchased the device. There he was informed that exploded Li-ion polymer battery of the smartphone due to which the device is collapsed, causing injuries to the owner. Yet it remains unknown what caused the malfunction of the device, charger or battery.

Hayes intends to demand compensation for damages because, according to him, used the original power adapter. At the moment there is an investigation of all the circumstances of the incident.

This is the second case of spontaneous combustion of smartphones Apple for the last time. In late April, a resident of China complained about the explosion of iPhone 7 Plus. According to her, the device was bought in March of this year. The incident occurred on the night so a Chinese girl was fast asleep, and the phone lay a few inches from her head.

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