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iPhone 7 “broke” reference Android smartphone Google Pixel in the test performance

On Tuesday, Google officially unveiled its new range of “reference” Android-smartphone Pixel. The output of new products was preceded by multiple leaks, which began to appear in June. Pixel and Pixel XL as no surprise to fans of Google, but nevertheless the company has managed to amaze its users.

Work Pixel and Pixel XL on the basis of 821 Snapdragon processor and have 4 GB of RAM. The user available versions with 32 and 128 GB of internal memory. The smartphone also received a USB-C port and, unlike the iPhone 7 have maintained a 3.5 mm audio Jack.

Today Pixel is first tested in the benchmark Geekbench 4. Android fans should be upset by the fact that new Android smartphones are seriously inferior to the speed of the iPhone 7. 1580 points in single-core mode and 4100 points when testing all cores do not go to any comparison with the capabilities of the Apple smartphone. In the same test the flagship Apple shows the result in the 3430 and 5600 points.

Depressing and the fact that Pixel and Pixel XL are unable to get ahead on speed even iPhone 6s and iPhone SE. Last year’s flagship Apple shows a Geekbench score in 2509 and 4106 points.

Accepting pre-orders for the new Google in the USA, Canada and Australia was launched on 4 October. October 13 will open the option to pre-purchase in India. The Pixel on 32GB will be $649, and 128 GB — $749. Pixel XL with 32 GB memory will cost $769 and $869 you can buy a modification with 128 GB.

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