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iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8 held a rematch in the test performance. No surprises [video]

Earlier in April, a YouTube user EverythingApplePro conducted a visual performance test of the flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7 Plus. In the experiment from the South Korean vendor participation device with Snapdragon chip. Then iPhone 7 surpassed rival with a huge margin. The creators of the project PhoneBuff questioned the impartiality of the authors of the experiment and decided to conduct a new test.

Algorithm “benchmark” was similar: a blogger starts a stopwatch, and then sequentially by the same or applications on each mobile device. The result is then recorded, and smartphones go to the second round. In other words are not used benchmarks – the goal is to compare technical characteristics of the devices. Importantly, the behavior of the device in daily programs.

At this time, the situation has not changed: the iPhone 7 will again send first. In the first seconds, much as the smartphone of the moment is lagging behind the Galaxy S8. However, as soon as it comes to games, phone Apple from taking the lead.

Lag Galaxy S8 increases with repeated “run” application. At this point, the device needs to load the task from memory, and this stage of Android smartphone failed: half of apps including Facebook, Snapchat and Subway Surfers had to upload again. And this despite the fact that the Samsung comes with 4 GB of RAM vs 3 GB of the iPhone 7 Plus.

In the end, the iPhone 7 Plus passed the tests in 1 minute and 46 seconds, and the upscale flagship of Samsung behind it by about 40 seconds.

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