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iPhone 6s will receive the SiP architecture, as Apple Watch

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will get not just a new single-chip platform, and advanced SiP (System-in-Package), reports Gforgames. This decision Apple first started to use it for computing S1 in the “smart” watch Apple Watch.

According to published drawings of the new iPhone 6s chips, in addition to the traditional elements of chipsets memory included and a set of sensors. Such a system greatly simplifies the internal architecture of the smartphone and it saves interior space.

It’s no secret that instead of traditional solutions PCB (printed circuit Board) for Apple branded smart watches has created the platform for SiP. System-in-Package includes everything needed for operation of the device components (sensors, graphics adapter, memory, etc.) in Other words, the Apple Watch is not the motherboard as usual, instead, the processor and the controllers are inside a single body. The company itself calls S1 “full computer on a chip”.

Sources clarify that the new SiP platform Apple A9 takes 15% less space than used in the current generation of smartphones chipset Apple A8. These same informants suggests that the iPhone 6s will be offered in versions with 16, 64 and 128 GB of internal memory. Although in the network there were rumors about wanting Apple to abandon 16 GB of RAM in the iPhone 6S.

At the moment in smartphones SiP are not used in large development cost of this solution compared to the classical printed circuit boards. But this arrangement enables you to save more space, making the device more compact. It is known that Apple follows a strategy of changing their housing decisions every two years, so it’s unclear why the company would need to use SiP in future updates.

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