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iPhone 6s will display “3D Touch” with the three-level Force Touch interface

Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG and other major vendors have already demonstrated their flagship smartphones. Comes the Apple — Apple traditionally is preparing a major announcement in September. The most anticipated new “Apple” manufacturer is considered the next generation smartphone iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s will get a number of hardware enhancements designed to convince users to part with money. In the list the unique characteristics of the new items will include a display with Force Touch. The technique measures the force pressing on the screen that will allow you to add ON new functions, such as changing the playback speed for different power “Tapa”.

For the first time, Force Touch technology appeared in the MacBook and MacBook Pro update as well as in hours Apple Watch. The display in the iPhone 6s will also learn to recognize the effect of depression, but in Apple’s smartphone will be sold a second generation Force Touch – the so-called “3D Touch”. This is, in particular, writes 9to5Mac editor mark Gurman.

“At the time, like the trackpad of a MacBook and Apple Watch define two types of pressure – the difference between touch and touch – the new iPhone will distinguish three types: touch, pressing and pulling. Name 3D Touch comes from the fact that the Force Touch sensor is able to determine three levels of pressure instead of two. This opens the doors for a new action with the user interface, including new gestures in iOS 9 for iPhone 6s”.

As an example, Force Touch gesture is strengthened clicking in the Music application, which will call up a list of the most relevant functions. Among them is the preservation of the songs on your device or add a song to the playlist. Strong tap in “Maps” will cause the program to create a route from where you are to the point you specified. Another application where Force Touch will find the application, will be the Safari browser – the ability to see the contents of the link. Over time, the new technology will be adapted not only built, but also third-party software. According to Gourmet, display with 3D technology Force Touch will allow you to create apps and games with a new type of management.

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Updated screen will also appear in the iPad Pro, in which he will interact “with unusual design” stylus. Presentation of the 12.9-inch Apple tablet will be held simultaneously with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus – 9 September.

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