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iPhone 6s was on the 30th place in the rating of smartphones with the best reception of the wireless signal

The Dane Gert Pedersen Frölunda is a PhD from Aalborg University – first in 2010 discovered the problem with the reception of cellular signal of the iPhone 4. Since then, the scientist performs experiments with all popular models, testing the ability of gadgets to receive mobile waves. One of the last Pedersen tested the iPhone 6s and the Apple flagship, allegedly, can not boast of record results.

The tests protected from prying radio environment, detect the reception quality of a wireless signal in a frequency range GSM 900, related to backup and preferred in many countries the band.

iPhone 6s with a signal power in -93,0 dB/mW took only 30 among 37 other smartphones. Best in this sense were model Doro Phone Easy 605 (-98,8), Samsung Galaxy S5 (-98,5), Sony Xperia Z (-98,1), Samsung Galaxy S6 (-97,8), Sony Xperia Go (-97,7), Samsung Galaxy III mini (-97,5), LG A250 (-97,5), Nokia Lumia 620 (-97,2). iPhone 4, interestingly, are ranked 14th (-95,8), whereas all the newer models Apple showed the worst results. It should be understood that we are talking about a logarithmic scale, that is -100 dB at once ten times better than -90 dB.

According to the scientist, the problem is related to the size of the antennas hidden inside the body of the Communicator. Manufacturers strive to increase the screen and battery and leaving no room for large antennas.

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