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iPhone 6s stopped a bullet and saved the Turkish military [photo]

Smartphone Apple saved, according to CNN Turk, the military life in Turkey. Mustafa Bozoklar came under fire from members of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK), but were saved, because one of the bullets hit his iPhone 6s.

The mobile device was severely damaged and cannot be repaired. However, the iPhone could stop a bullet, which otherwise would have been in the chest of a resident of Turkey. The soldier was hospitalized in a military hospital in Diyarbakir, where the Turkish military regularly conducting operations against the Kurds.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, after learning about the incident, decided not to stand aside and sent to the military a new smartphone. For bravery in battle, Mustafa received the iPhone 6s in the gold version. Gift to the hero was handed over by the Governor of the province of Mardin, visited the soldiers in the house.

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