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iPhone 6s shot rifle 50-caliber [video]

We have already seen the drop tests of the iPhone 6s and testing of a smartphone for moisture protection, however, this is not the worst thing you can do with the news. FullMag arranged a brand new flagship smartphone Apple a real massacre, killing it with a rifle 50 caliber. And as the victim was chosen as a favorite all the device in color pink gold.

Earlier we already could see that the iPhone 6s will not have problems with excessive flexibility because Apple has taken several steps to strengthen the housing. The company strengthened the walls in those places where there are toggle buttons for volume and lock devices – that is where the bent iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The “shell” iPhone 6s is made of aluminum 7000 series – aluminium alloy with zinc. This material is used in a “smart” watch Apple Watch Sport, successfully proving its resistance.

For iPhone 6s do not have to make a standard crash testno procedures like falling on the concrete or swimming in the water, and immediately shot the device from army rifles 50 caliber and filmed all this action on video. We used slow motion, so all the details can be seen like a bullet “stitches” the most advanced smartphone Apple and leaves a trail of glass fragments.

How was field testing the iPhone 6s look in the video below:

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