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iPhone 6s processor Samsung less productive and are heated stronger than the model with the chips from TSMC

Apple does not reveal all details about their products, so it is necessary to take into the hands of independent specialists. In addition to evaluating the maintainability of iFixit publication inside the new iPhone 6s looked experts Chipworks, studied the SOC Apple A9. It turned out that the new single-chip platforms Apple released two different manufacturers Samsung and TSMC, and the first 14-nanometer technology FinFET, and the second 16-nanometer. Due to the use of various manufacturing processes the sizes of chips are different.

Chinese resource MyDrivers ran a comparison of the iPhone 6s, based on platforms from different manufacturers. The result was quite unexpected. In the test AnTuTu, which measures the performance of gadgets, were always ahead of the version of the flagship processor production TSMC, although the difference in results is not so significant. The smartphone platforms this manufacturer was heated slightly less than the device SoC Samsung. When using the same task, the South Korean chip production warmed up above 40 degrees, whereas the temperature of the SoC from TSMC hardly exceeded 37 degrees.

Of course, a significant difference for the average user, no, but the data still allow us to make certain conclusions. Figure out what kind of processor is installed in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, using the CPU Identifier. This unofficial app is not distributed via the App store. To install the utility, you must confirm the installation of the corporate certificate.

Note that the previous generation processor Apple A8 iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is made exclusively at the Taiwanese company TSMC 20 nm process technology, whereas the previous A7 chip on 28 nm process technology produced by Samsung. In TSMC sure to offer a more advanced 14-nm solution allowed the Koreans to steal their technological secrets.

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