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iPhone 6s Plus with 2 GB of RAM “broke” Galaxy S7 edge with 4 GB of RAM in the test to performance in real conditions

Great Jerome Ortega has tested the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, comparing its performance with competing iPhone 6s Plus, Moto X and Nexus Pure 6P. The journalist emphasizes in the beginning of the video that will not pay attention to technical characteristics of mobile devices (memory, processing power, etc.), focusing exclusively on the subjective perception of the speed of operation of the devices. The purpose of the experiment, to see how the devices behave in daily programs.

To obtain data on the device run the same application, and in case of their absence — analogues. “Our goal is to determine which phone is faster in real life,” said Ortega.

During the test four gadgets they alternately ran the same set of programs, built-in like “Camera” and Hours before third-party Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, games projects by Temple Run 2 and Asphalt 8. To evaluate the performance of the work in the background, Ortega all application opened twice in a circle. For the sake of purity of experiment before testing iPhone 6s Plus Galaxy S7 edge, Moto X and Nexus Pure 6P fully turned off.

During the first few seconds is noticeable, as the iPhone 6s Plus moments behind the competition. However, by the fourth application of “Apple” device is ahead. Lag Galaxy S7 edge and other Android smartphones is increasing dramatically with repeated “run”. This despite the fact that the Galaxy S7 comes with 4 GB of RAM, while the Moto X and Nexus Pure 6P – 3 GB RAM vs. 2 GB of RAM in iPhone 6s Plus.

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In the end, the iPhone 6s Plus was tested for 1 minute and 42 seconds newest Samsung Galaxy S7 edge behind almost 18 seconds – 2 minutes exactly. In third place with 2 minutes and 2 seconds came Nexus 6P. Moto X Pure was in the outsiders 2 minutes and 16 seconds.

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