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iPhone 6s Plus vs iPhone 6s: 7 advantages of iPhone great

New iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, and if on the question of whether to buy a new product, you already answered Yes, you are confronted with another: buy the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 or 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus? Resource Gq has named seven reasons why you should look in the direction of fableta Apple.

1. Big screen

Even a year after the release of the first iPhone 6 Plus adults, seemingly, people have not ceased to joke, comparing the dimensions of the smartphone with a shovel. It’s all nonsense. To impressive size 6s Plus (it really seems huge, especially when applying it to your ear during a phone conversation) get used to it in about a week. The same time, by the way, you need to get used to the Apple Watch on your wrist and begin to worry if suddenly the clock on the hand, and together with them and no notification.

The big screen is pretty damn cool. The better the resolution in pixels of model 6s Plus and gives even bigger diagonal of the individual pixels cannot be discerned, and the smartphone don’t have to hold the short-sighted eyes, as if you are over 80. On this screen all looks like after the weekly television program picked up a glossy magazine. Well if only the app icons, photos on instagram and writing on it looked better. 6 Plus and 6s Plus you can watch TV shows and does not suffer from loss of quality. You, it turns out, even the iPad Mini already and don’t need, can give it to the child.

2. More operating time before recharging

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When the iPhone 6s battery is already on the wane, the iPhone 6s Plus feels great: besides the bigger screen it has a larger battery. Don’t say that it works twice longer than iPhone 6, but he is significantly more confident and thereby eliminates the need everywhere to look for an outlet.

3. A full horizontal orientation

In the iPhone 6s, not all applications and the desktop could be displayed in horizontal orientation. The iPhone 6s Plus the lion’s share of apps (especially Apple branded) and homescreen can work in landscape layout.

4. Large keyboard

After a week with the iPhone 6s Plus iPhone 6s keyboard seems tiny. And it’s not the size of the keys, but in their numbers in horizontal mode – they are more on a few buttons, allowing you more comfortable to write and edit texts.

5. More powerful camera

iPhone 6s Plus features a higher quality than the iPhone 6s, camera: better images contributes to at least optical stabilization.

6. Screen replacement

Let’s say you have an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus and you broke the screen of the smartphone. The official service you would not have replaced the screen – in such cases, are replacing the whole phone. So, iPhone 6s Plus you would offer to exchange on better terms than the iPhone 6s: the gadget itself is more expensive, but repair it cheaper than in the case with the iPhone 6s.

7. The growing popularity of

“About a quarter of the customers prefer iPhone 6s Plus. This is slightly higher than last year and demonstrates the growing popularity of the model c increased screen size, – says the PR-Director of “Coherent” Maria Zaikina. – The most popular colors – space grey and brand new rose gold,” she adds. The rising popularity of the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus should not be surprised, and something tells me that shyness in front of phones with large screens will see less and less.

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