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iPhone 6s Plus left no chance for the Galaxy S7 edge on tests of performance in real conditions [video]

The author of the YouTube channel PhoneBuff decided to compare the performance of two high-end smartphones of Samsung and Apple in a variety of operating systems — edge Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s Plus. This enthusiast did not use synthetic benchmarks and did not aim to compare the specifications of gadgets. The main thing for the user as the device behaves in everyday programs.

In the experiment on smartphones in turn ran the same set of games and applications ranging from embedded “Camera” and “Hours” to third-party game projects. To evaluate the performance of the work in the background, enthusiasts all application opened twice in a circle.

During the first few seconds is noticeable, as the iPhone 6s Plus moments behind the competitor. However, once it comes to games, the smartphone Apple immediately ahead. Lag Galaxy S7 edge dramatically increases with re-run programmes. This is despite the fact that South Korean device has 4 GB of RAM 2 GB against the iPhone 6s Plus. As a result, the Apple device was tested for 1 minute and 54 seconds, the competitor from South Korea fell behind by almost 40 seconds.

Such comparison is more close to reality than the run of the benchmarks. Both manufacturers tend to equip their products with the most top-end hardware and to optimize “soft”. Galaxy S7 edge are still very “fresh” and theoretically had an impact on performance.

Serious lag Galaxy S7 edge not only on the iPhone 6s Plus, and Galaxy Note 5, the tester also explains the different processors and the availability of the encryption of the new flagship.

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