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iPhone 6s Plus bend easier in the pocket than the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge [video]

This year there were already several flagship Android smartphones: LG G5, Xiaomi Mi5, Gionee S8, Samsung Galaxy S7. It is the latter which has attracted the attention of users who rushed to carry out various tests. One of them showed that the glass housing Galaxy S7 is strong enough in bending tests.

The Creator of the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro pretty tough Galaxy S7 edge and iPhone 6s Plus at the same time. For experiment he took smartphones that have passed drop tests and tried to bend them in your hands.

The results showed that “planshetofon” Apple is bent easier than the Korean flagship. Although the rear panel was fairly strong, the weak point of the smartphone is in the top plastic insert. When you try to bend the body this part gave up first. Display iPhone 6s Plus out of order almost immediately after the start of the bullying.

It should be noted that many of the phones face the problem of deformation of the casing. Online you can find hundreds of pictures of bent smartphones Sony, Samsung, HTC and others. But this problem was particularly true for the iPhone 6 Plus. During independent tests, it was found that the device withstand the force of bending up to 31,75 kg. It was less than that of the iPhone 5 and competing models.

In the next generation device, iPhone 6s Plus, Apple’s developers took into account the design features of the gadget and made a number of changes: switched to a solid aluminum 7000 series and increased wall of the housing of the smartphone.

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