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iPhone 6s no longer “listen” to the owner when in your pocket or lies on a table screen down

C the release of the iPhone 6s smartphone Apple has learned to take voice commands of the user in the background. The feature “Hey Siri” allows the phone to “listen” and respond to the voice of a man constantly. The function works at all times except in two cases: when the iPhone is in your pocket/purse, or lying face down.

All smart phones of the previous generation, the feature “Hey Siri” only works when you connect your device to a power source. In the case with the new smartphone virtual assistant is always ready to execute the commands even if the iPhone is in a locked state.

“Chip” iPhone 6s is that the smartphone is constantly waiting for commands human, so it can never be touched by hands. The microphone is always included. This function does not consume a lot of energy, as for her work responds to the individual chip M9.

At the same time, the user can easily disable the background work of the “Hey, Siri” iPhone 6s just putting the screen down. Along with this the device will no longer turn on the screen for incoming notifications. It is the merit of the operating system iOS 9. This mode is available on other iPhone models.

It is noteworthy that the iPhone 6s disable “Hey Siri” and in those moments when the user puts the device in his pocket. It is assumed that the proximity sensor located near the speaker on the front panel.

In all other cases, you can refer to the gadget by saying “hi, Siri”, and then you can give voice commands and search queries. You can set an alarm, find out the game results of your favorite team and find the route to the desired item by voice.

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Researches show that many iPhone and iPad users are underestimating Siri. In fact, a virtual assistant even in Russian, relying on artificial intelligence, acts sensible Secretary, a good guide and all-knowing guide, ready to answer any questions.

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