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iPhone 6s lowered into the lava of the volcano [video]

No, the abuse is not subjected to Apple products. the iPhone and iPad were thrown from a height, shooting from anti-tank rifles, moved over by a car, beaten with baseball bats. Known the Ripper “Apple” technology, blogger, TechRax, decided to hold another destructive test.

The subject of the research was the strength of the flagship smartphone iPhone 6s in gold casing. For that it went to a active volcano, taking with him a novelty. Where the enthusiast found a place for the shooting is unknown. Users asking this question in the comments to the video, made no answer. However, TechRax, obviously, took this video purely for entertainment of the public, not for geographical or geological surveys.

iPhone 6s, placed in lava, clung to the last – he first issued a warning and then caught fire. What’s left of the gadget after a hellish torture, you can see in the video below.

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