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iPhone 6s left on the street unattended, passers-by to check on the honesty [video]

People were nobler than you would expect. British insurance company conducted a social experiment, testing the reaction from chance passers-by on the iPhone 6s. Smartphone several times left the streets without supervision, becoming a temptation for passersby.

The experiment was conducted in the British city of Leeds (Yorkshire). The main study participant left the iPhone 6s on the street, feigning forgetfulness and sluggishness. Meanwhile, the operator of the camera was filming people’s reactions to the sudden chance to acquire a novelty.

The results of the study more than optimistic: it appeared that to become the happy owner of someone else’s iPhone 6s almost no one wanted. Several unwitting participants in the experiment just confused looked at the novelty. Most tried to return the find rapidly fleeing to the owner. Only one of the passers-by tried to assign the gadget.

Despite record sales of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus moisture protection and decent reliability, the devices were not without drawbacks. So, some owners of smartphones Apple found a problem with the gadgets. Perhaps the updates will allow you to eliminate them.

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