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IPhone 6s complain about a spontaneous shutdown problems with the speaker and overheat the Home button

Last Friday began the official sales of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Just over the weekend has sold 13 million of the new smartphones Apple. Therefore, it was possible not to doubt that among such a number of shipped gadgets will be working not at 100%. According to sources, the first owners of “Apple” of new products has already faced a variety of problems.

In particular, the iPhone 6s off randomly with a fully charged battery. The effect users see iPhone 6s modification with 128 gigabytes of memory.

Other users “Home” button for no apparent reason gets too hot. The current lineup of the iPhone is already the third in which the master key smartphone integrated fingerprint module. It is not excluded that overheating caused by a software bug due to which the sensor without having engaged in a process of constantly scanning. This may resolve the problem, hold down the power button and the Home button for 10 seconds to fully reset.

Some owners of iPhone 6s are complaining about the low sound quality, including wheezing and distortion. According to them, the impression that the speaker membrane will crash or burst when playing notifications. In addition, at times for calls and other signals not selected by the speaker that you need, and the volume level does not match the setting.

Seen cases incorrect operation of 3D display technology Touch. In particular, Safari refuses to open links. 3D Touch to return to proper operation is possible with a reset.

It is worth noting that almost everything that the iPhone 6s problems may be indicative of errors in the software part of smartphones, not about marriage in the production “of iron” or in its Assembly. Thus, there is a high probability that in future updates of the firmware problems will be fixed. Apple does not officially comment on these reports.

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