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iPhone 6 Plus lay on the bottom of the ocean two months and returned to the owner [photos]

Smartphone iPhone 6 Plus kayakers Itself known on the Network as ehtnaerokyug, has made an unusual journey. Dropped out of the hands of American phone plunged into the abyss of the ocean and was about two months in the water until then.

In mid-March, Sam, along with his friend decided to go to Monterey Bay kayaks, writes RG. So as not to soak the iPhone, he put it in a waterproof cover, which is fastened to the suit. At one point kayaker accidentally fell out of the kayak and panicked.

“My foot got tangled in the seaweed. I was in a panic because I thought that I was finished because I had a life jacket,” wrote ehtnaerokyug in his blog.

In the end, the Americans managed to swim to their kayaks, but a moment later it fell off again. It was at this point iPhone and abandoned the suit. Unfortunately, he did not immediately notice the loss: realized it’s only on the way to the shore.

Employees can rent boats searched the bottom of the Bay, but found nothing. Then the man turned over the computer to the lost mode iPhone, but, of course, the smartphone was not found. After that Sam came to terms with the loss of the gadget.

However, after two months in the app “Find my iPhone suddenly appeared a message saying that the phone was found. It turned out that the smartphone has found another kayaker who went diving in the Bay. Most surprisingly, the iPhone was in fully working condition thanks to the case, which Sam bought on Amazon.

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“I was surprised. I had no words to describe my feelings. I didn’t know what to say or do. I even could not properly thank him,” said Sam.

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