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iPhone 6, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 – the most popular smartphones Apple

The flagship iPhone 6 was the most popular Apple smartphone, a phablet iPhone 6 Plus is only every tenth owner of “Apple” Communicator. This is the conclusion of analysts at Localytics the study, which lasted throughout August. The specialists studied the status of the mobile market on the example of the task force of 100 million iPhone and iPad.

According to Localytics, worldwide per user iPhone 6 accounted for 30.1 per cent of active users of Apple phones, while the share of the flagship of the previous year’s iPhone 5s is 23.7%. In third place was the iPhone 5, its rate of 12.8%. With the release of the iPhone 6s position of the “six” should falter, analysts suggest.

Remarkable fact: the share of the 5.5-inch flagship this year, the iPhone 6 Plus is comparable with the share of the iPhone 4s, debuted in 2011 to 9.1% and 8.8% respectively. Plastic version of the iPhone 5c in sixth place with a share of 8.5%. The result of the 2010 model – the iPhone 4 is 5.3%.

Apple will show a new generation iPhone at the event on 9 September, pre-orders for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be taken since September 11. The official launch of sales in the U.S. will occur approximately 18 September, Russia – September 25. In the light of the popularity of 4-inch iPhone 5C release new 4-inch iPhone 6c models seems unlikely. Many analysts believe this erroneous information.

However, complaints that the iPhone 6 is too big, but still occurred, so that a more compact model may still appear in the future.

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