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iPhone 5s nearly killed a resident of Moscow

A former student, a native of Syria, now a resident of Moscow, received a shock from his iPhone 5s and lost consciousness. 21-year-old victim was taken to the intensive care burn unit with electric shock.

The user was on the phone in the apartment on the street Kirovograd. At this point, his iPhone was connected to the charger. According to eyewitnesses of the events, he heard a loud Bang similar to an explosion, and 21-year-old young man fell.

Relatives called an ambulance, which brought the victim to the feeling and was taken to the intensive care unit of the burn center. Doctors diagnosed the young man’s burns, electric shock, accompanied by damage to the nervous system.

According to preliminary data, the problems with the iPhone could be related to his failure after the fall: the gadget was a screen.

The incident with the iPhone – not the first, which became known to the media. A few years ago while trying to answer a call connected to the adapter to power the smartphone killed 23-year-old flight attendant. Later suffered a resident of Beijing, who fell into a coma from shock received while trying to charge the iPhone.

Experts believe that in both cases the charger was not an original Apple product.

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