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iPhone 5c saved the British from a bullet wound [photos]

The life of a Briton Daniel Kennedy was under threat, but was saved iPhone. A young man was shot by the intruders, however, fortunately, in his breast pocket was a smartphone.

The incident occurred in a Park in the town of Widnes, located in Cheshire. 25-year-old Kennedy was walking alone when he noticed two teenagers twist the water supply valve, thus disabling the water throughout the area. He rebuked them, but they not only did not stop, but also behaved aggressively.

“One of the young men follow me, grabbed something shiny, and in a second I was blinded by the flash. Something slammed me in the chest and I fell down. After the initial shock, I realized that I was shot,” recalls Kennedy.

The criminals shot at the British from cutting. According to the man, the attack was a complete surprise to him, as he could not think that 19-year-old hooligans armed. While Kennedy emphasizes that survived only thanks to the iPhone.

The product is known to the company who were in the breast pocket of the victim, took the full brunt. Despite the fact that the iPhone 5c is dressed in a plastic case, he saved a man from a bullet wound. On the body of a Briton, not a single scratch.

Police quickly detained the hooligans. Law enforcement agencies conducted their house was searched and found in the backyard of several caches of firearms. The final verdict to the offenders will be sentenced in July.

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