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iPhone 4 and 5 have experienced as brake pads for Porsche 911 [video]

Apple fans from the project EverythingApplePro decided original way to test the strength of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. Communicators acted as a brake pad for a sports car of Porsche 911 release 2012.

Enthusiasts have attached four iPhone 4s to the rear calipers and four iPhone 5 — to the front. Car twice dispersed in a straight line — the maximum speed was 97 km/h — and both times when braking smartphones lit up. The device had to extinguish a fire extinguisher.

Interestingly, the gadgets have begun to scratch the brake discs even before the crackdown, at the entrance to the conditional starting line. At the first braking “pads” caught fire.

After the test iPhone four was removed from the calipers. One of them was even able to work a little.

Installation of iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 in the car and test recorded at 10-minute video:

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