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iPhone 2019 will receive the processors on the basis of the 5-nm process technology TSMC

iPhone sample of 2019 will receive the latest company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC), made in compliance with 5-nm. This follows from the statements made by one of the senior managers of the company at the 17th annual conference for representatives of the supply chain. According to the announced data, the supplier of processors for Apple’s intends to develop 5-nm production in the first half of 2019.

In TSMC convinced that the growth of the semiconductor market in the next five years will be provided with smartphones, high-performance systems (HPC), Internet of things (IoT) and automotive electronics. With more than half of the growth of TSMC will provide up to 2020 mainly the demand for smartphones: these devices use more chips, the demand for integrated solutions and rapidly expanding functionality of mobile phones.

TSMC intends to provide Apple-to-date technological standards of production. In this task the aim of the 6000 specialists of Department R&D. this year, TSMC plans to spend on research and development 15% more than in the past.

The company believes that the technological standards 5 nm will be able to overtake competitors in the face of Samsung and Intel. Trial 5-nanometer products TSMC expects to produce in the first half of 2019. Moreover, several hundred researchers have already received preliminary development of a 3-nanometer technology.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus uses Apple’s A10 processors, manufactured using 16-nm process FinFET and layout of substrate-level InFO (Integrated Fan-out). Apple chips A11 for iPhone 8 is supposed to be based on a more advanced 10-nanometer process technology, and the next generation is even more thin 7-nm. According to its characteristics, the 5-nm process technology in TSMC performance should provide an advantage over competitors, as convinced the company’s management.

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TSMC is actively involved in research and development of 5 – and 3-nm process technology and will be ready to use in the production of 5-nm chips for extreme ultraviolet lithography. The company also develops packaging technology of crystals directly on a silicon wafer (WLP, wafer-level packaging).

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